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A Match made in Heaven

Reuniting long-split pairs is something of a mission for many owners of one or other of the ‘orphans’. Pairs (usually shotguns) are made to enable the shooter to operate in a grouse butt or on a pheasant or partridge peg

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Prove Me Wrong

‘Gavin Gardiner’s catalogue landed on my desk this week, sporting a Boss 12-bore over & under on the front cover. The gun was made in 1995 and was never collected by the owner; remaining in store since completion and arriving

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Big Guns Come Out

Diggory Hadoke reports on Southams’s Bedford debut and the latest fare on offer at Holts. Southams started May with a sale at their new premises near Bedford. I was curious to see how it looked. After an early start, and

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Investing in Joy

Diggory Hadoke brings more news on Holt’s new premises and takes time to look on the bright side of falling prices

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Auction View: Moving into retail

The distinction between auction sales and retail sales is blurring as auctioneers move into the traditional dealers’ territory, writes Diggory Hadoke. Watch collectors have been getting used to buying direct from auctioneers for some time. Take a look at Christie’s

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Auction View: Change of View

Observable changes in the attendance and live bidding numbers at London auctions indicate a behavioural shift rather than a decline, says Diggory Hadoke. As a regular at the auctions, I have felt a shift in recent months, perhaps the past two years.

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Auction View: Antiquated Law?

Diggory Hadoke questions the proportion of after sales at auctions, and looks into the implications of a firearms law review on the value of guns at auction. September is a busy month for auctions. I missed Gavin Gardiner’s Gleneagles sale

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AuctionView: Silent success

Diggory Hadoke examines how Holt’s sales tactics have opened the auctioneers to a broader audience and boosted sales figures.

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