2019: continuing our year in review

Gun Trade News is back with part two as we take time to reflect on another year of newsworthy industry events and headline news from 2019 May 1 May – The National Security Council discussed plans to use Chinese firm

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Have I got news for you!

Following the news is a useful practice, says Caroline Roddis, but beware of unreliable sources There’s a journalist I know who has recently deleted the news app on his phone. He’s so tired of Brexit that he has decided to

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The Antiques Roadshow

A Panorama investigation into firearms was never going to be particularly comfortable viewing. And by comfortable, I mean something I could watch without my blood pressure climbing faster than a mountaineer pursued by a hungry bear. Entitled ‘Legal Weapon’, because

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Game Of Two Halves

Clay Shooting Magazine recently explored the possibilities of televising different disciplines of shooting. Naturally, Skeet and Trap are more camera friendly than Sporting, but filming any kind of targets can be an emotionless and disengaging experience. A big Sporting shoot

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Let Battle Commence

Taking a break from GDPR we investigate why fox hunting continues to create a Brexit-esque divide in the UK  I’m writing this at a time when most of my days seem to be occupied by deleting or responding to emails

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Facts or Conjecture?

The social media epidemic detracts from the real facts and figures of world banking, as Roger Williams discovers According to surveys of behaviour, people younger than me, particularly those in their teens, twenties and early thirties, do not simply watch

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I shot Bambi’s mother

Philip Moss confesses to the ultimate crime: That’s right – he went to Countryfile Live

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Shooting in the Media: Good effort, could do better

A review has criticised the BBC’s rural coverage – and that Countryfile programme was a case in point, says James Marchington

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BBC fails rural viewers

A report on the BBC’s rural coverage has revealed the organisation is failing rural viewers, including shooters.

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The age of common sense

LET’S START THIS column with an exercise in audience participation. I want you (yes, you) to come up with all the phrases you can think of that sum up public perception and treatment of shooting. Go on – I’ll give you 30 seconds. Come

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