Roger Williams on possible trade partnerships with the Netherlands

Roger Williams explores the Netherlands for the possibility of finding a trade partner  I have kept a soft spot for the Netherlands since my first rugby tour there. Like us, the Dutch have a great love of sport and fair

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Ledlenser P7.2 Gunlight Kit

The Ledlenser P7.2 Kit includes everything a shooter needs in one small unit. The packaging explains all the features and benefits so retailers needn’t be experts to sell it. The kit contains a P7.2 torch along with a gun mount,

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Umarex RP5

The revolutionary Umarex RP5 pistol has now landed in the UK. Specially adapted to suit the UK market and comply with UK airgun laws, without losing any of its accuracy or fun factor, the RP5 is big step. Designed from

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Rabbit Nets

Under the brand Bisley, John Rothery Wholesale produces a range of rabbiting and ferreting equipment, including rabbit nets. All Bisley nets are high-quality 4Z nylon. The Bisley Purse Nets are bagged into 10s and come complete with nickel plated ring

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Ledlenser P7 Gun Set

The P7 Gun Set has been improved for 2018 with a new upgraded unit. The P7 gun Set has long been a popular choice among airgunners, and the new more powerful unit it sure to be appreciated by rifle shooters

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NRA Trade Fair

During the weekend of the Trafalgar meeting (20-21 October 2018) the NRA is holding its Trade Fair. The event will take place in a purpose built 30x15m marquee on Sit Pet Lawn at Bisley, displaying classic and antique firearms. The

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Lincoln Elite Deluxe

The Lincoln Elite was developed to satisfy the needs of those hunters who require a strong and sound, yet elegant and refined gun. When tradition meets beauty, the Lincoln Elite Deluxe is the result. Featuring all the things you need

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Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporter

The Lincoln Vogue HSX Sporting takes the appealing looks of the Lincoln Vogue field model and adds features suited to a sporting gun. This makes the Lincoln Vogue something of a crossover gun for those looking for a solid, reliable

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Gehmann 455 Roller Wheel Carry Bag

Providing ideal storage for shooters, this carry bag in an essential with a large main compartment offering 128 litres of volume.

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Commonwealth Crisis

Shooting loses out to basketball in the race for inclusion in the 2022 Commonwealth Games, threatening the sport’s future prospects

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