Viking Arms launch new website

Viking Arms have just announced the launch of their brand new website. Viking Arms have got you covered whether you are a rifle or target shooter, whether you enjoy shooting clays or testing game birds, or both! And they have

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Mossberg finds a new home in the UK

Mossberg has just celebrated its centenary, having started making its firearms in 1919, based in Connecticut, USA. And now, Mossberg have announced that Viking Arms is their new UK distribution partner. Managing Director Sam Macarthur said, “We are very excited

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Breda B12i

Specifically designed with the practical shooter in mind, the B12i offers a suitable and affordable semi-auto for both amateur and professional users. Designed for three-gun and tactical shooters, the B12i features the proven inertia system and is among the leading

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Breda 930i

The all new Breda 930i Sporting features a CNC machined trigger unit, user adjustable, to give a more responsive ‘rifle-like’ feeling when shot. Tested by professional shooters, the gun can be altered to the user’s own specification using the shims,

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From past to future

246 years and counting… Colin Fallon asks Ardee Sports’ David Brennan what his plans are for the next chapter of Cogswell & Harrison’s long history

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Lock, stock and Brocock

President of the Diana Holdings Group, Mauro Marocchi, has announced the recent addition of Brocock.

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