Britain Navigating Uncertainty

To the surprise of many, the news in March showed that employment in the UK was hitting record highs. Unemployment reached its lowest level since 1971 and wages are growing at the fastest rate for a decade. In addition, pay

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Taking the Brexcuit…

Stuart Farr opens the tin to examine the predicted changes set to occur after Brexit. He finds a selection of broken bits, but is there a crumb of comfort? The phrase “a week is a long time in politics” was

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Game Fair plays down Brexit concerns

The managing director of The Game Fair, James Gower, has moved to remind industry leaders in the outdoors sector that Britain remains open for business, despite the uncertainty of Brexit. Speaking at IWA Outdoor Classic, Mr Gower encouraged European industry

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The justice league?

Caroline Roddis marvels at the superhuman efforts being made by Chris Packham and the rest of the ‘Wild Justice’ organisation. What with all this Brexit malarkey, scanning the news has never been more painful. I realise that by the time

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On the flipside with Stuart Farr

Even with all the current political unrest, legally, The Brexit deadline is still 29 March, which means that Stuart Farr will finally be able to give up international trade predictions for lent. The last few months have seen some pretty impressive

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The Viennese faults

Diggory Hadoke explores the possibility of European auction houses usurping classic British sales. An interesting letter appeared on my desk recently. It was from a European auction house and it was asking for consignments from the UK. The auction house

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Living on the Edge

2019, the tipping point for the world economy? China’s growth is slowing; debt is pushing towards a level of 2.5 times the size of its economy.  After 40 years of fabulous growth, fuelled to a large extent by private companies,

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Retail Armageddon

In December it started to become apparent that a decision had been made to step-up preparations for a no-deal Brexit amid uncertainty over the fate of Theresa May’s proposed exit deal. With only two months until the UK formally withdraws

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Worth A Gamble

As I write this – the final roundup of economic trends for 2018 – I am trying to establish whether it has been a good year or not. If I had to place my bets I would wager that it

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The Model Society

HERE IS THE CLOCK, THE TRUMP(TON) CLOCK. Telling the time, steadily, sensibly; never too quickly, never too slowly. Telling the time for Trump(ton)…! Here are the cabinet members (and part-time firemen). They rush around putting out fires mainly started by

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