Lead-free alternatives for bullets

Our resident stalker, Dr Al Gabriel, takes a look at the lead-free alternatives for bullets, which we will all have to use eventually, and finds himself pleasantly surprised. That lead introduced via shooting causes damage to the environment by poisoning

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Managing the transition away from lead shot with Simon West

As the lead storm rages around us, Simon West of the Gun Trade Association tries to keep a calm head and suggest ways in which we might carry on. Lead has been the key component of small arms ammunition for

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New shooting products for April 2021

All the new gear, all here, rounded up for you every month by the Gun Trade News team. CCI Eco Clays CCI International has launched its revolutionary Eco Clay target. Made of natural materials, it is completely free of outlawed

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Dr Al Gabriel on learning to shoot

Our regular stalking columnist Dr Al Gabriel explains why he loved learning to shoot, and what keeps him coming back stronger every year. It is always an interesting question when one is asked “why do you shoot?” The reality is

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Gun of the Week: CZ 527 Varmint

Mike Powell is here with his latest rifle review, and this time he’s testing out this week’s Gun of the Week, the CZ 527 Varmint. Over the many years that I’ve been shooting, one make of rifle seems to have

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New Nosler distributor

Nosler has a new agent in the UK: Highland Outdoors takes on exclusive distribution of the ammunition brand.

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