Breaking The Mould

Plenty can change in 190 years. All bar six of the 44 US Presidents have taken office in the years succeeding 1828. Britain meanwhile, has seen eight monarchs and 53 Prime Ministers in that time. It was back in 1828

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A LAC Of Perspective

There seems to be a growing sense that ‘something needs to be done’ about technology. I don’t just mean the (entirely justified, in my view) middle class pre-occupation with children’s screen time, but a sense that something needs to be

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Passing The Buck

‘A government minister who wrote to environment bosses calling on them to ban shooting on its land has said her request did not bind them to doing it. Hannah Blythyn has since been accused of ‘shifting the blame’ for the

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Leading The Way

One of the hot topics in field sports circles is the use of the lead shot in UK Wetlands. Jack Knott waded in on the issue to give the Countryside Alliance’s take on the rulings, regulations and knock-on effects for

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Going Underground?

Is relentless online bullying forcing your company to reduce its presence on social media and lose business as a result? New data reveals that the online bullying of shooters and field sports followers is far greater in both scale and

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Return Of The ‘Rural Oscars’

The Countryside Alliance Awards, also known as the ‘Rural Oscars’ are returning for the 14th year and remain open for nominations. Considered the gold standard among rural businesses in England and Wales, the awards receive thousands of nominations each year

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Pride And Partridges

With an ever growing divide between shooters and antis, Caroline Roddis considers the media responses to the beginning of the 2018 grouse season. The weeks running up to the start of the grouse season are the time when most people

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Game Of Two Halves

Clay Shooting Magazine recently explored the possibilities of televising different disciplines of shooting. Naturally, Skeet and Trap are more camera friendly than Sporting, but filming any kind of targets can be an emotionless and disengaging experience. A big Sporting shoot

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Watch your back! Sniping remarks and gleeful industry gossip – we love it

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