Barbour Quilted Dog Coat (Black)

Keep your furry friend cosy and warm this season with our Barbour Quilted Dog Coat. Featuring a classic, country inspired quilted finished, this Barbour dog coat is designed with diamond quilted nylon outer and lined with a signature Barbour Ancient

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Chudley’s Sporting Range

In July, Chudleys launched their all new sporting range including a brand new product, Duck with Rice and Vegetables. The product, first in the new look Chudley’s packaging, is an all-round premium diet designed to meet the requirements of both

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Animology Dog Product

Animology produces a wide range of dog care items, some particularly effective for Gun Dogs. Firstly there is the best selling Fox Poo Shampoo that is very effective against stubborn fox poo and its foul odour from all dog’s coats.

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Biting the hand that feeds

What a fickle beast the media is. You can nurture it and feed it for years; it comes when you call, sits up and begs on command. Then one day something flips and it leaps at you, snarling and gnashing. You prise its jaws from your

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