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Latest auction news from Gavin Gardner

An homage to armour marks a Gavin Gardiner triple play as Michael E. Haskew reports. The first tanks appeared in the battlefield in World War I, massive tracked monsters belching machine-gun and artillery fire.  As they slewed and heaved forward

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Gun auction latest: Multi-stock and WWII rifle

A rare multi-shot flintlock and a rifle once owned by a World War II hero make noise during recent gun auctions, writes Michael E. Haskew  Recent Holt’s and Gavin Gardiner auctions brought a pair of guns with stimulating provenance to

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London’s Calling

At Southams, a takeover and a new state-of-the-art premises is boosting their profile and widening their appeal  Londons Auctions get most of the attention and the capital remains the international hub for quality firearms auctioneering. At least, that is how

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