Lyalvale Power Gold

Lyalvale Power Gold Cartridge manufacturers often have sprawling wide ranges to suit various disciplines and shooters, but in Lyalvale’s best- selling competition load the Power Gold, you’ll find something different – a cartridge designed for all uses across Skeet, Sporting

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Eley Hawk DTL Gold

One of eight products Eley Hawk have released in the past year, the DTL Gold has served up instant success. It propelled Phil Morgan to number one in the rankings in the same year as it won big at the

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Commonwealth of Opportunities

WITH THE COMMONWEAlTH GAMES KICKING OFF as Gun Trade News goes to print, what chance does shooting have of a glorious ‘summer of sport’, as we had in 2012? Wait… not summer. Spring of sport? Well, it’s really autumn in

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