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Best guns for grouse shooting – selecting the best options

Shooting grouse requires tough, reliable guns that handle instinctively and can be reloaded quickly. Mike Yardley picks 10 to take to the moors (this article first appeared in The Field). Grouse were arguably the first native birds to be routinely

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The debate surrounding grouse shooting

The debate on grouse moors was demanded by more than 100,000 people but, apart from offering the odd amusement at Labour MPs’ gaffes when discussing our industry, did it serve any purpose? Not really, reckons Caroline Roddis. I can never

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How did the debate “Ban Driven Grouse Shooting” fare in Westminster this week?

Monday’s debate by MP in Westminster on the petition: “Ban Driven Grouse Shooting Wilful blindness is no longer an option” was notable for the preparedness of speakers against the motion and the lack of economic alternatives brought by the supporters

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New research confirms major socio-economic importance of grouse shooting

A groundbreaking new study has highlighted that grouse shooting delivers significant socio-economic benefits, affirming its place as a much-valued upland land use. Commissioned by the Scottish Government, the research shows that grouse shooting sustains many jobs and delivers high levels of

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Cause for optimism on grouse moors

Scottish estate owners are cautiously optimistic that this year’s grouse season will show an improvement on last year’s wash-out. Demand from domestic and international shooters is remaining strong. The view from the Scottish Game Fair showed that businesses were set

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A Tale of Two Antis

The evidence submitted in advance of the grouse shooting debate was an odd sort of affair, as Colin Fallon found

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RSPB accused of distorting moorland data

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) has come under fire for allegedly misrepresenting data on moorland management to further an anti-grouse shooting agenda. In a damning review of the RSPB’s interpretation of scientific research the report says:

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Government defends grouse shooting

The government has defended the environmental and economic benefits of driven grouse shooting. It responded to a petition started by Mark Avery to ban grouse shooting, which has garnered over 20,000 signatures via The government’s response has made clear that

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