North York Moors economy benefits from good grouse season

There were over 6,500 days of seasonal employment provided in the North York Moors during the grouse season. The local North York Moors community is reflecting on what has been a successful grouse season (Aug 12 –Dec 10), with most estates having

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Rural Communities Stand Up To Packham

Rural workers staged a demonstration in December, protesting against Chris Packham’s ‘relentless drive’ to ‘wreck’ their livelihoods.  Around 150 workers took to the streets in Perth on 17 December, while Packham was giving a talk on nature photography at Perth

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‘Seismic’ Changes Predicted For Scottish Grouse Moors

Rural groups are claiming that a government-led review of grouse moor management could lead to ‘seismic’ change for grouse moors in Scotland.  The Werritty Review recommends a ‘barrage of measures that will leave the grouse shooting sector engulfed in legislation

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Breaking Boundaries

‘The number of women taking part in both clay and game shooting, including grouse, in Scotland has risen steadily over the past few years, breaking the stereotypical male dominated image of country sports. The British Association for Shooting and Conservation

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Passing The Buck

‘A government minister who wrote to environment bosses calling on them to ban shooting on its land has said her request did not bind them to doing it. Hannah Blythyn has since been accused of ‘shifting the blame’ for the

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Grouse Numbers Impact Hotel Bookings

Hoteliers in Scotland are reporting a downturn in business due to the widespread cancellations of shoot programmes. Around 70 per cent of grouse shooting days have been cancelled this season because of extreme weather conditions earlier this year. Country sports

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Leading The Way

One of the hot topics in field sports circles is the use of the lead shot in UK Wetlands. Jack Knott waded in on the issue to give the Countryside Alliance’s take on the rulings, regulations and knock-on effects for

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Harrier Boost On Moors

Hen Harriers and grouse shooting can co-exist – thats the message from the latest harrier breeding figures, which undermines antis’ claims that moors are a hotbed of illegal killing. Two years after the RSPB pulled out of supporting the six-point

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Gleneagles Introduces Game Shooting Packages

The traditional Gleneagles hotel have announced that it is to offer game bird shooting packages for guests who wish to experience the thrill of the sport. Guests will be accompanied by the head game keeper, as well as a shooting

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Antis claim victory on Ilkley Moor

The only grouse shoot to take place on public land has not had its lease renewed, following sustained pressure from anti shooting and animal rights groups. The lease had been held by the Bingley Moor Partnership (BMP) since 2008. BMP

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