BREAKING NEWS: Major security breach affecting thousands of UK gun owners

News of a serious data breach affecting a major UK gun trader are coming to light. The breach involves more than 100,000 records hacked from the retailer’s website. Gun Trade News and Shooting Times journalists are currently investigating the story

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Latest auction news from the gun trade

Diggory Hadoke throws his head back and draws in a deep draught of that old, familiar smell… What is it? Why, freedom of course!  June saw Holt’s return with a flourish and a full sale, held over two days on

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Latest auction news from Gavin Gardner

An homage to armour marks a Gavin Gardiner triple play as Michael E. Haskew reports. The first tanks appeared in the battlefield in World War I, massive tracked monsters belching machine-gun and artillery fire.  As they slewed and heaved forward

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What do Guns look for in a shoot?

In an article that first appeared in Shooting Times, Guns on Pegs editor George Browne ruminates on what the modern-day visitor to a shoot is actually after. I have been shooting since I was 11, but it is only since

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Best premium shotguns – our top picks on the market

It can be hard to know at what point the premium market begins with shotguns, but we find it useful to think of it as the point where the gun becomes no longer just a machine, but also an objet

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Holland & Holland’s Nigel Stuart: the GTN Interview

Sitting in an armchair, sipping a cappuccino as dark clouds gathered over Holland & Holland, new chief operating officer Nigel Stuart, on his second day in post, told GTN that innovation is the secret to steering one of the world’s

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Latest auction news for June and July

It’s Bonhams’ turn to put in a powerful performance this month, with its May auction making sales from £50 to nearly £50,000, as Diggory Hadoke reports Bonhams dominated the gun auctions calendar in May, with the biggest sale of the

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Oskar Waktare – GTN Quick Quiz

GMK stalwart and now a leading light at Holland & Holland, Oskar Waktare comes from a long line of gun traders. Please tell us who you are and who you work for My name is Oskar Waktare and I am

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SPONSORED: Complete Savage Arms package

The complete Savage Arms package is here. The Apex Hunter XP couples a redesigned Model 110 rifle with a 3-9x40mm Vortex® Crossfire II scope that comes mounted, bore-sighted and ready to go straight out of the box. The Model 110

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Gun of the Week: Blaser F16 Sporting Intuition

Becky McKenzie gets her hands on this week’s Gun of the Week, the Blaser F16 Sporting Intuition, and puts it through its paces. I’m really enjoying doing these gun reviews. After reading many reviews over the years, and now being

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