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Whether it’s for accurately identifying and spotting your quarry or for safety, a bright and versatile torch is one thing you should always carry. Most newcomers to the sport tend to start out shooting during day light hours, but the

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Calling the shots

GTN looks ahead to the 2020 SHOT Show with the event organisers and headline sponsors SHOT Show is owned and sponsored by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), trade association for the firearms, ammunition, hunting and shooting sports industry. The

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GTN’s latest product news – round two

The latest in essential kit for the ever-changing shooting seasons. Howa Oryx The Oryx is a one-piece integrated aluminium chassis intended to improve the consistency and accuracy of Howa’s bolt-action rifles. The Oryx keeps the barrel from of any contact

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The GTN Interview: Swazi’s Davey Hughes

As Swazi celebrates its 25th anniversary, owner and founder Davey Hughes reflects on a remarkable journey. If you ask Davey Hughes to name his company’s official birthday, he recalls it as if it were his first-born child – 10 October 1994.

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APEX Airglo

It might be thought of more as a stalking product, but don’t forget that a fox’s primary defence is scent, with smell accounting for detection around 65 per cent of the time. This is why Napier has developed a Trail

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GWCT Encourage Field Sports Youngsters

The next generation of country sports enthusiasts showed off their skills at the Scottish Game Fair by tackling the Junior McNab Challenge. Dozens of youngsters took part in the challenge, where they had the opportunity to hunt, fish and shoot.

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Hunting Act is ’97 per cent failure’

A decade since it came into force, the ban on hunting foxes with dogs has come under fresh scrutiny

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RSPCA told to back off

An independent report into the RSPCA’s prosecution strategy has condemned the charity’s approach as “unstructured and haphazard” and has called for it to leave hunting suspects alone.

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Biting the hand that feeds

What a fickle beast the media is. You can nurture it and feed it for years; it comes when you call, sits up and begs on command. Then one day something flips and it leaps at you, snarling and gnashing. You prise its jaws from your

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