Stuart Farr discusses crowdfunding’s impact on shooting

Stuart Farr investigates a potent weapon of the campaigner’s arsenal, crowd funding, and asks if its use could create further legal dilemmas down the line. It perhaps goes without saying the shooting industry has been the subject of an unprecedented

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GTN Quick Quiz: Simon West

Our new regular quiz where we ask a leading industry figure some daft and not-so-daft questions and find out a bit more about them. Simon West OBE is a familiar and friendly face to everyone in the gun trade, he’s

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Rising government debt meets falling personal debt – implications for gun trade

With unprecedented levels of government debt meeting falling levels of personal debt, Roger Williams peers into his crystal ball and tries to decipher what this all may mean for the gun trade. Noise wakes you up. Unfortunately, it can also

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What are the implications of face masks to the gun trade?

Stuart Farr reveals the rules and regulations behind the latest anti-Covid measure: face masks, and discusses their implications for the trade. I understand how many of you must be feeling at the present time. Yes, I agree, it does seem

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Airgun business – how did it fare under lockdown?

Mat Manning talks to traders at the sharp end of the airgun industry to see how business fared during lockdown and whether it’s set to bounce back. It’s what shooters and the gun trade have been waiting for: a gradual

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Lockdown and beyond: How will gun auctions be affected?

Diggory Hadoke is finding that lockdown is the mother of invention, as he ponders what the future may hold for our industry. The early spring has been gloriously sunny, though my young trees need a good drenching to keep them

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#guntradeheroes 1 – gamekeepers show their thanks to NHS

From out of the murk of Covid-19 coverage looms that rarest of things, a positive news story about our industry. Caroline Roddis shakes off her disbelief to tell us all about it. When the Covid-19 pandemic started it was touted

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Help Scottish field sports survive coronavirus

We’re following up with an opportunity to show support to Scottish field sports businesses excluded from government grants. As we reported yesterday, the Scottish Government has exempted several fieldsports businesses from applying for coronavirus support, meaning those businesses could lose

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The latest product news

Gun Trade News presents more of the shooting industry products arriving in stores ahead of the busy trade show season. Alan Paine AW 2020 Collection Inventive performance wear leads the way in Alan Paine’s Autumn/Winter 2020 Collection. The heritage brand

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Cartridge companies say lead phase-out by 2025 is “impossible”

The UK’s four biggest cartridge-loading companies want to put the brakes on the five-year plan to phase out lead shot for live-quarry shooting, which nine rural organisations put their names to last Monday. Eley Hawk, Gamebore, Hull Cartridge and Lyalvale

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