Any Port In A Storm

As worldwide Quantitative Easing is reversed, liquidity is drying up; Interest rates are rising and, as if it were the tide going out, weak countries and companies with debt that has dragged them to the bottom, are revealed. As a

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Kicked To The Curb

To put the bins out I have to take 52 steps down from my back door to the front gate. Our rubbish has to be ‘protected’ in big, black, seagull-proof, hessian sacks. Inevitably, despite an almost religious adherence to the

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FITASC Success For Young Scot

Italian gunmaker Zoli were in attendance at the 51st European FITASC Sporting Championships, inviting competitors to test out one of their Z-Guns for a chance to win a Sporting competition model. 568 shooters entered the raffle in Piancardato, Italy, paying

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Against The Clock?

The Brexit clock is ticking and economic scaremongering is gathering pace, but is it time to hedge your bets rather than hit the panic button? Roger Williams gives his view  MANY EXPERTS AGREE THAT BREXIT’S IMMEDIATE EFFECT WILL WEAKEN THE

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EXA 2014: cancelled

The 33rd edition of EXA has been cancelled, it was revealed last week.

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