FACS Hits 30 Year High

The number of firearms certificates in the UK is at its highest since 1988, new Home Office figures reveal. There were 157,581 FACs on issue on 31 March this year, an increase of 2 per cent on the previous year.

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BASC gives guidance on Scottish airgun law

With airgun licensing set to come into force in Scotland this year, the British Association of Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has updated its guidance on the subject, helping shooters and businesses keep up-to-date with the new legislation. Airgun owners will

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Home Office revamps firearms licensing

As of 1 April changes have been implemented to the firearms licensing process that include notifications of firearms ownership for doctors. These changes come in response to recommendations put forwards by coroners, medical professionals and the Independent Police Complaints Commission

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New firearms laws on the horizon

New firearms laws are to come to parliament as part of the Policing and Crime Bill, signalling the government’s willingness to listen to the Law Commission’s firearms law report. A number of the amendments suggested by the Law Commission in

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EU gun proposals cause outrage

The European Commission announced on 18 November a series of proposed amendments to the EU firearms directive, imposing tighter restrictions on the acquisition and possession of firearms in the European Union. Proposals include a ban on certain semi-automatic firearms, restricting

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Legal: Law Commission report

Peter Glenser, barrister specialising in firearms and BASC council member, reports on the Law Commission symposium discussing the future of firearms law in the UK. As everyone who has ever had to deal with firearms in almost any capacity knows,

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BASC calls for 10-year certificates

The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC) has launched a white paper entitled ‘Extending the duration of firearm and shotgun certificates’, calling for the introduction of 10-year certificates. The paper was launched at a meeting of the All Party

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New licence fees for Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has agreed a new system for firearms licence fees. A figure of £98 pounds has been agreed between BASC, the Department of Justice, and the police. A variation will cost £30 – far less than the £89 originally proposed by

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On Air: The Scottish airgun licence

With Scottish airgun licensing now a done deal, Scotland’s 350-plus registered firearms dealers are bound to face a barrage of questions from airgunners. Airgun Shooter editor, Nigel Allen, tries to provide at least some of the answers

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Airgun licensing bill passed

MSPs have passed the Air Weapons and Licensing Bill, which will require all airgun owners in Scotland to hold a licence

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