GTN Quick Quiz: Juha Latvala

Juha Latvala from the Finnish clothing brand Sasta is the latest victim to be put under the GTN spotlight. Sasta is distributed in the UK by Outwear Ltd, Please tell us who you are and who you work for. 

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Consequences of water supplies for international trade

Roger Williams brings his knowledge to bear on the biggest economic  issue facing the planet, the paucity of fresh water, and asks what the consequences will be for international trade Punch and Judy introduced me to conflict. Rugby, football and

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Hoisting The Sales

MY LOCAL SHIP’S CHANDLERS CAN BE QUITE BUSY ON THE GROUND FLOOR. This is where they sell anti-foul paint, varnish, binnacles, line and life jackets. On the first floor they have sailing shoes and clothing. Just the other day, the

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