Monitoring the fields w/ Simon West

Simon West is on holiday, but luckily for us still filing his copy from the cereal fields of southern England. For my first morning of leave yesterday, I chose to reveille early and get out on the ground. With a

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Stalking quarry pictures – the problem with social media

In a world dominated by social media, photos of quarry are stripped of context and used against us, it’s time to wise up, says Gethin Jones On 11 May, a media storm flared following the publication of photographs showing what

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The future of deerstalking

Al Gabriel offers a glimpse into the dystopian future of deerstalking. The year is 2051. A deerstalker enters an open field on what used to be the edge of dense woodland in the south-west of England. He operates an unusual

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Invasive Species: Government backs BASC

The Government’s response to its invasive alien species consultation aligns fully with BASC’s dedicated work to manage species such as the grey squirrel, muntjac and Egyptian goose. The Government’s aims outlined in their response are to control any current wild

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