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The GTN Interview: Swazi’s Davey Hughes

As Swazi celebrates its 25th anniversary, owner and founder Davey Hughes reflects on a remarkable journey. If you ask Davey Hughes to name his company’s official birthday, he recalls it as if it were his first-born child – 10 October 1994.

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Swazi – IWA News

Swazi clothing is a brand we might be seeing more of in the UK, after the New Zealand company said it was looking to pick up more retailers right across Europe. At a press conference at the Swazi stand, owner

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Charlie puts the nail in his own coffin

The fieldsports community warned of fox attacks, says James Marchington, but was shouted down by ‘animal lovers’ in denial about the nature of these ruthless predators You have to feel sorry for whoever is in charge of PR for foxes.

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