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Airgunners’ Pet Peeves

Recent issues surrounding incidents of cats being shot with airguns have led to a Home Office airgun review. However, the review has left shooters worried that further restrictions on airgun use in England and Wales would be “disproportionate” and “bad

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Commonwealth of Opportunities

WITH THE COMMONWEAlTH GAMES KICKING OFF as Gun Trade News goes to print, what chance does shooting have of a glorious ‘summer of sport’, as we had in 2012? Wait… not summer. Spring of sport? Well, it’s really autumn in

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New licence fees for Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland has agreed a new system for firearms licence fees. A figure of £98 pounds has been agreed between BASC, the Department of Justice, and the police. A variation will cost £30 – far less than the £89 originally proposed by

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Eason bows to anti pressure

Irish newstrade retailer Eason is set to move shooting magazines to the top shelf and impose an age-restricted ‘till prompt’ on sales, Gun Trade News understands. The newsagent has made the move following a concerted pressure campaign from the Irish Council against

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NI licensing fee proposal rejected

Northern Ireland’s justice committee has called for an urgent rethink of the proposals to raise firearms licensing fees.

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Northern Ireland country sports strengthened

A country sports group with cross-party membership has been established in the Northern Ireland Assembly. Aiming to “develop, foster, promote and protect country sports and conservation across Northern Ireland, recognising the social, economic and cross-community benefits”, the group will be a forum for politicians to discuss the

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Northern Ireland badger cull?

As new pilot cull areas are being considered in England, a badger sett population survey is being undertaken in Northern Ireland that could see selective culling begin in early 2014. Bert Houston, Northern Ireland’s chief veterinary officer, has revealed plans for a research programme into

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