Why We Shoot: Future’s new pro-shooting campaign

Launching on 2 November 2020, Why We Shoot is a new collaborative campaign between all the print and digital brands within the newly expanded Future fieldsports portfolio. Why We Shoot aims to raise awareness of the positive ripple effect and

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Movers and shakers

We’re bringing you a round-up of the latest appointments for the shooting market Last month, new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has named Theresa Villiers as the new Environment Secretary, replacing Michael Gove in a DEFRA reshuffle.  Villiers is strongly pro-Brexit,

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Gun of the week: DT11 Sport Black Pro

GMK are offering a limited number of the DT11 Sport Black Pro, which entered the market in November 2018. Based on the DT Sport Black, the Sport Black Pro is Beretta’s boxlock competition gun with an impressive Olympic pedigree. It

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Making It Count

Change is afoot at Eley Ltd. Ollie Harvey meets with Michael Atkinson to discuss the aspirations of the British ammunition brand. As specialists in .22 Rimfire ammunition, Eley Ltd are one of the most instantly recognisable names in the firearms

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Gun of the week: Perazzi High Tech 2020

This week’s gun of the week is the Perazzi High Tech 2020. A celebration of their unrivalled history in Olympic shooting competitions and in honour of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Perazzi have produced the High Tech 2020 Buying a Perazzi

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Eley Ltd Mark 190th Year

Ammunition manufacturer Eley Ltd is celebrating its 190th anniversary. After being founded by William and Charles Eley in 1828, the company moved to Birmingham, where the company is still located today (in Minworth). Eley Ltd now specialises in .22LR cartridges,

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Qiang Yuan Sports Goods

The Shooting Party have received their first volume shipment of the Qiang Yuan range of Olympic medal-winning pellets after becoming UK distributors in May. The flat-head pellets weight 7.8 grams and show virtually zero weight variation pellet to pellet. The

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Qiang Yuan Olympic Range

  The Shooting Party are exclusive distributors of Qiang Yuan Sports Goods range of Olympic medal-winning pellets. A popular pellet the world over, the 7.8 grain shot shows virtually zero weight variation pellet-to-pellet. The Olympic and Match grades are individually

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Eley’s got the Edge

Eley Limited says it has now introduced batch testing its Edge cartridge in the UK and Germany, with the USA to follow soon.

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