GTN speaks to FX

Ollie Harvey explores what the future holds for Swedish airgun manufacturer, FX. Fredrik Axelsson tells us more. 20 years ago, as the last millennium was drawing to a close, fledgling airgun makers FX began making their mark on the shooting world.

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All the latest product news

The latest in essential kit for the ever-changing shooting seasons Blockley Fleece Jacket  Recognising that the market is already overcrowded with dozens of similar looking long sleeved fleece jackets, Le Chameau went back to the drawing board and evolved the

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Gun of the Week: M11

This week’s GTN Gun of the Week is none other than the M11 Manufactured by Sportsmarketing, the single and multi shot PCP M11 (pictured) is ideal for target shooting and plinking.  With manual safety and a 3.8kg (8.4lb) stock, it is designed with

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Gun of the week: Gamo Boxer

This week’s Gun of the week is the Gamo Boxer, and we have a competition for you to win one of your own that originally appeared in Airgun Shooter! Mike Morton puts the Gamo Boxer through its paces to discover

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Trade in the millennial Balkan

Roger Williams explores the nations of the former Republic of Yugoslavia and spots new hope for trade in the region  The dissolution of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia resulted in six internationally recognised independent states: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia,

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Plane Talking w/ Mat Manning

Mat Manning reflects on the rising popularity of first focal plane sights, and presents the scopes that airgunners should look out for. Thanks to the consistent accuracy of modern air rifles – springers and PCPs – most airgun shooters now

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Gun of the week: Pulsar Saxon Laminate

This week’s Gun of the Week is the Pulsar Saxon Laminate. Daystate displayed celebratory variants of their iconic Pulsar PCP at the British Shooting Show as the company celebrated their 40th anniversary. Their flagship bullpup with its avant garde electronic

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Gun of the Week: BSA Defiant

This week’s Gun of the Week is the BSA Defiant. BSA have launched their own offering to the PCP “bullpup” market, in form of the Defiant multi- shot carbine. Each Defiant boasts BSA’s latest improved regulator, ECHF barrel (enhanced cold

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Best of British: BSA Guns

BSA air rifles are one of Britain’s most established air rifle manufacturers with over 150 years of gunsmithing experience coupled with a state-of-the-art precision manufacturing. First established as a small union of gunsmiths, the BSA have grown into one of

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Even more elite airguns!

We’re bringing you even more airguns and pellets to keep you shooting come what may! Anglo Arms Air Gun Pellets Available in both domed and pointed, Anglo Arms pellets are designed for a stable flight over long distances with high

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