Best of British: Lincoln Jeffries

Based in Summer Lane, Birmingham, Lincoln Jeffries have established their name through the production of numerous airgun pellets. The renowned Marksman Pellets are still manufactured by the company under the guidance of brothers Lincoln David and Alan Jeffries. The business

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Elite airguns

GTN brings you a round-up of leading airgun brands and the pellets to keep them shooting GunPower Stealth The aircraft-grade aluminium and space-age polymer combination of this airgun gives a classy dressing to a high-performance action made using state-of-the art

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Eley’s latest and greatest

Over the last year, Eley has helped grow the shooting sports by manufacturing new and improved ammunition for a wide range of disciplines, including practical shooting, air competitions and biathlons. Check out the round-up of Eley’s latest and greatest products.

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QYS ‘FT Domed Range’

Following the UK launch of Qiang Yuan pellets, The Shooting Party have announced the expansion of the range. The Streamlined FT Domed Variant will be available in 4.49mm and 4.5mm head-sizes and in weights of 8.48 and 9.56 grains for

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Power Pellets

Power Pellets have been achieving outstanding results in competition and field and are presented pre-treated with Napiers’ world acclaimed Power Pellet Lube. The benefits of using Power Pellet Lube have been proven for almost two decades, and following feedback from

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Marksman Pellets

The range of Marksman pellets include domed pellets on the market in .177, .22 and .25 cals and pointed equivalents in .177 and .22. The pellets vary from lightweight 8.02 grain .177 round heads to 19 grain .25 round heads,

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Rio Cartridges

Rio Cartridges presented their wide range of non-lead cartridges, following increased demand across Europe. Designed to comply with regulations in countries such as Denmark, Belgium and the Netherlands, these cartridges are an alternative to a certain type of hunting. Within,

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Letter of the law

A new public consultation regarding banning the carriage of guns and their component parts is expected to be released by Royal Mail within the next few weeks. This one-month consultation will again give the shooting world the opportunity to respond about the carriage of Section

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