Mat Manning suggests some useful kit designed to help airgun shooters to continue to enjoy their […]
OUR STORY Enforcer Decoys was conceived with one simple mission in mind : To provide every […]
RC produce the Titano as their budget-priced pigeon and game cartridge. With a 31 gram payload […]
Pigeon cartridge choice has a subjective element. Decoying enthusiasts may have tastes ranging from a 28-gram […]
Lyalvale’s high performance pigeon load is in a 2.75” case, making it a good choice for […]
Built for faster speeds, the Pigeon High Velocity cartridges from Eley Hawk have excellent knockdown power. […]
The Uno Prima features a plastic wad, and is available for 12-bore shooters as a 28g […]
The premium version of Gamebore’s pigeon cartridges has a longer brass, and is filled with a […]
These 70mm cartridges cycle easily in a semi-auto and carry 29 grams of size six shot. […]
New from Promatic is a product that could conceivably sit in any gun shop. It’s a […]