How to get your business profile back on track post-coronavirus

With businesses across the country gearing up to resume and make up for lost coronavirus time, we asked Tweed Media’s managing director Selena Barr to give us her top ten tips for making an impact and re-establishing your business profile.

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Fame and misfortune

Caroline Roddis takes a break from the ‘Game of Thrones’ walking tour to explore how PR can influence our media. I’m in Croatia at the moment. I’m having a wonderful time, in case you wondered, wandering around Roman ruins and

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Charlie puts the nail in his own coffin

The fieldsports community warned of fox attacks, says James Marchington, but was shouted down by ‘animal lovers’ in denial about the nature of these ruthless predators You have to feel sorry for whoever is in charge of PR for foxes.

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What’s the point of PR?

PR and marketing agencies – and the companies who use them – tell Gun Trade News what the role of an agency should be and how it works for them. Getting the right message across in today’s information-saturated world is more important than ever. Employing

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