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QYS ‘FT Domed Range’

Following the UK launch of Qiang Yuan pellets, The Shooting Party have announced the expansion of the range. The Streamlined FT Domed Variant will be available in 4.49mm and 4.5mm head-sizes and in weights of 8.48 and 9.56 grains for

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Qiang Yuan Sports Goods

The Shooting Party have received their first volume shipment of the Qiang Yuan range of Olympic medal-winning pellets after becoming UK distributors in May. The flat-head pellets weight 7.8 grams and show virtually zero weight variation pellet to pellet. The

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Qiang Yuan Olympic Range

  The Shooting Party are exclusive distributors of Qiang Yuan Sports Goods range of Olympic medal-winning pellets. A popular pellet the world over, the 7.8 grain shot shows virtually zero weight variation pellet-to-pellet. The Olympic and Match grades are individually

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