Rabbiting by Lamplight in this month’s Countryman

Mat Manning sets up with a scope-mounted flashlight and heads out into the night for some traditional rabbit lamping The ground I’m shooting over tonight is a mixed farm comprising several hundred acres of cattle grazing, cereal crops and pony

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Rabbit Nets

Under the brand Bisley, John Rothery Wholesale produces a range of rabbiting and ferreting equipment, including rabbit nets. All Bisley nets are high-quality 4Z nylon. The Bisley Purse Nets are bagged into 10s and come complete with nickel plated ring

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Saga Cartridges

Saga Cartridges have revamped their brand, creating a new orange motif to highlight safety and innovation. In addition, Saga has simplified its product lines, arranging them by range and calibre with clearly colour-coded exteriors. The aim is to create striking

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The Charlie Conundrum

Every spring there is considerable anguish expressed on various shooting websites about the legality of releasing captured (presumably urban) foxes into the wild. Internet sites are full of sightings of white vans unloading and releasing foxes, fox cubs and even foxes that appear to have undergone expensive surgery. There

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