Tricks Of The Raytrade

Ollie Harvey goes walkabout with James Nicholson and Steve Kelly, the leading men at Raytrade UK Raytrade UK was founded and incorporated in back in April 2016, and quickly set about recruiting leading brands for wholesale into the UK.  Raytrade’s

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Remington To Restructure in US

Remington, one of the longest-standing continuous manufacturers in America with 202 years of history, has filed for bankruptcy as part of a corporate restructuring. Having initially outlined its plans for bankruptcy on 12 February, on Tuesday 27 March the gunmaker

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Model 1100 Competition Synthetic

The Model 1100 Competition Synthetic is a competition semi-auto through and through. By overboring the 30” barrel and lengthening the forcing cones, Remington have improved the shot-to-shot pattern consistency and made what was one of the softest-recoiling actions in the

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