How will field sports do during the recession?

Roger Williams suggests that UK field sports have the strength to weather the recently announced recession, and are well placed compared to international rivals. The UK has suffered a 20.4 per cent decline in output during the second quarter of

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Backs To The WALL

Roger Williams reports on the sterling’s fall and recessionary fears ahead of the Brexit deadline London and Wall Street stocks tumble as bond yields shout recession: The UK equities market fell 1.42 per cent on 14 August and dropped again

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Money Talk: It’s not over yet

Governments and the media may be painting a rosier picture of the economy, but don’t be fooled, says Roger Williams – many are looking at the wrong indicators

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Clear vision

As UK divisional manager of Zeiss consumer and sports optics, Mark Karn is a busy man. His role is to price, market and sell the company’s highly respected range of binoculars, spotting scopes and riflescopes throughout the country, which he does together with the help of

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