RSPCA rescue sheep stuck in feeder!

With all the big news recently (and most of it less than high spirited!) we thought we’d share a funny story of a very greedy sheep! RSPCA animal collection officer Emily Welch was called to the field next to the

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Help or Hinderance

With airgun law under review Mat Manning reports back on the RSPCA and BASC’s joint conference on potential legislation The current review of UK airgun legislation is a very hot topic and its outcome could have serious implications for shooters

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Saved By The Bell

Following a turbulent spell for BASC, stability looks to have been restored. Gun Trade News met the new CEO, Ian Bell, who now leads the association forward… Nestled in the shadows of a scaffolded Big Ben, the Cinnamon Club restaurant

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No more RSPCA prosecutions?

The RSCPA has discontinued action against William Bryer of the Cattistock hunt

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Shooting in the Media: Legal send-up

With a recent law amendment that essentially allows copyright to be infringed in the name of fun, James Marchington wonders who will be next to fall foul of a parody

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RSPCA told to back off

An independent report into the RSPCA’s prosecution strategy has condemned the charity’s approach as “unstructured and haphazard” and has called for it to leave hunting suspects alone.

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Shooting in the Media: Good effort, could do better

A review has criticised the BBC’s rural coverage – and that Countryfile programme was a case in point, says James Marchington

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RSPCA to abandon prosecutions

The RSPCA will drop its policy of pursuing prosecutions against hunts and will return to frontline animal welfare work

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CA chairman speaks out on ‘sinister and nasty’ RSPCA

Countryside Alliance chairman Barney White Spunner, in a front-page newspaper interview, has criticised the RSPCA for its recent focus on litigation over animal welfare

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The tables are turning

For once it’s not shooters but their detractors, the conservation and welfare organisations, that are getting a kicking in the media, says James Marchington

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