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Gun of the week: Pulsar Forward F455

This week’s Gun of the Week, the Pulsar Forward F455, is put on test by Mike Powell. Apart from the occasional foray after pigeons, most of my shooting takes place after dark, involving my fox and rabbit control business –

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Market Opportunities: Even more night shooting gear

We’re bringing you another roundup of the illuminating equipment night shooters will be buying this winter ATN X-Sight 4K Pro  The ATN X-Sight is a state-of-the-art digital day and night scope, and the 4K Pro model boasts even more features

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Thermal imaging gear has long been regarded as being prohibitively expensive but this monocular from FLIR brings serious tech closer to the budget of the average shooter. It’s a great tool for covert observation, enabling light-free reconnaissance before creeping within

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FLIR Breach

The FLIR Breach tactical thermal imaging monocular is built for the rigours of tactical use, but equally at home for foxing or deer management applications, allowing users to spot the heat of animals and objects in total darkness. With a

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Scott Country Release New Catalogue

The new Scott Country International Catalogue is now available, packed with the latest night vision, thermal imagers, tactical gear and accessories. Featuring extensive product listings from Pulsar, FLIR, Yukon, Nite Site, Wicked Lights, Spypoint and Foxpro, you can request a

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Wicked Lights

The revolutionary ultra-high performance gun light kit, Wicked Lights, shows that visible light isn’t being left behind in today’s market. The new Wicked Lights A67ic Predator Pursuit is a high-power mountable light specifically designed for controlling vermin, featuring a centre

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Pulsar Accolade XP50

The Accolade thermal imaging binoculars have a highly detailed display that remains sharp and vibrant in all weather conditions. A 17um core, high contrast digital AMOLED display and a 50hz fast refresh rate provides a stable, high quality image with

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Scott Country Branches Out

Scott Country International have announced the distribution of a range of new brands to the UK market including signing as the exclusive distributor for Cannae Pro Gear. Cannae Pro Gear manufacture tactical kit including apparel, luggage, rifle bags from their

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FLIR Breach

The FLIR Breach PTQ136 is a tactical thermal imaging monocular built for the rigors of tactical deployment and law enforcement, allowing the operator to spot the heat of living objects and terrain in total darkness. Featuring a 12um Boson Core,

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Gun trade backs UK Game Fair

The UK Game Fair at Stoneleigh has cemented its position as the front-runner to replace the CLA Game Fair as fieldsports’ premier event, as distributors, retailers and organisations backed the new event. Key trade names include Caesar Guerini, Promatic, Longthorne Guns,

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