Mexican Stand-Off

If only I had chosen my parents more carefully, I would have gone to Eton and joined the ruling class. If only Mexico could sort out the drug cartels, it would be a great country. It has 31 states and

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The Model Society

HERE IS THE CLOCK, THE TRUMP(TON) CLOCK. Telling the time, steadily, sensibly; never too quickly, never too slowly. Telling the time for Trump(ton)…! Here are the cabinet members (and part-time firemen). They rush around putting out fires mainly started by

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Beat The Top Brass

Trump’s international trade manoeuvres are paying dividends, but as Roger Williams explores, trading commodities can be used to your advantage. I was was a blue button, a runner of messages, on the London Stock Market. The traders there used to

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A Game of Risk

With a trade war on the horizon, Roger Williams explores Trump;s tactics to confuse the enemy. Since Donald Trump came into office, on what was labelled a wave of popularism, he has, in the view of the press, fulfilled key

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Star Spangled Bangers

Sporting a gun trade like no other, the US-of-A are currently enjoying  a fiscal boom. Roger Williams explains the state of trade across the Atlantic There are more licensed firearms dealers than coffee shops, grocery stores or pharmacies in the

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Against The Clock?

The Brexit clock is ticking and economic scaremongering is gathering pace, but is it time to hedge your bets rather than hit the panic button? Roger Williams gives his view  MANY EXPERTS AGREE THAT BREXIT’S IMMEDIATE EFFECT WILL WEAKEN THE

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