The grass is greener…

Volatile currencies and large-scale demonstrations make the headlines, but free market economics has been our saviour all along, as Roger Williams explains. Market-Changing events are currently commonplace but, with the exception of Sterling, currencies remain surprisingly level and somewhat steady.

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Living on the Edge

2019, the tipping point for the world economy? China’s growth is slowing; debt is pushing towards a level of 2.5 times the size of its economy.  After 40 years of fabulous growth, fuelled to a large extent by private companies,

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Flight or Freight?

‘Instead of fostering an environment that enables business to thrive, governments are making running a business more difficult. In years gone by, our concerns with our government were centred on taxes and their regulation of shotgun and firearm ownership. Today,

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Any Port In A Storm

As worldwide Quantitative Easing is reversed, liquidity is drying up; Interest rates are rising and, as if it were the tide going out, weak countries and companies with debt that has dragged them to the bottom, are revealed. As a

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News in brief: USA guns boom

The US gun trade is buoyant, with the industry nearly doubling in size in the last five years

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