Pure and simple

Stuart Farr offers a scoop of advice to help businesses enjoy a ‘fab’ 2020. February! Looking ahead to the month, for many it’s a nondescript month spent preparing for future events to come. Its name is derived from the Latin

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New Bergara Premier Series set to hit British stores

The first shipment of eagerly awaited Bergara Premier Series is due to arrive in the UK later this month. Until now, these rifles were only available in the USA but UK Bergara, who are distributed by RUAG in the UK,

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The Right To Bear Arms

I have often commented in this column that, in the UK, we have some of the strictest gun laws in the world. As such, I have always considered myself fortunate to have been a licence holder continuously since I was

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Drawing Iron Curtains

THE LARGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD COVERING ONE EIGHTH OF THE WORLD’S INHABITABLE LAND, Russia is steeped in history, war and violent political change. Today, low pay, idle or closed manufacturing capacity and a reliance on the export of oil

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May The False Be With You

Caroline Roddis explores the dark side of American media and its battle with fake news… How good are we as an industry, as responding to false allegations made in the media? Personally, I don’t think we’re doing a smashing job.

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Star Spangled Bangers

Sporting a gun trade like no other, the US-of-A are currently enjoying  a fiscal boom. Roger Williams explains the state of trade across the Atlantic There are more licensed firearms dealers than coffee shops, grocery stores or pharmacies in the

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Remington To Restructure in US

Remington, one of the longest-standing continuous manufacturers in America with 202 years of history, has filed for bankruptcy as part of a corporate restructuring. Having initially outlined its plans for bankruptcy on 12 February, on Tuesday 27 March the gunmaker

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Rhino ruling in favour of DSC

An American hunter will be allowed to import his trophy back to the USA

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Edgar Brothers wins Bushnell award

One of the UK’s largest distributors of firearms and ammunition, Edgar Brothers has been awarded Bushnell’s International Distributor of the Year.

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News in brief: USA guns boom

The US gun trade is buoyant, with the industry nearly doubling in size in the last five years

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