BASC has launched its second newspaper advertising campaign of the year – this time celebrating the opening of the pheasant season.

The first campaign focused on the importance of the grouse season to our upland communities and landscape conservation.

The new adverts, however, celebrate the wider benefits that shooting brings all the participants, be it jobs and livelihoods, or the social and wellbeing benefits of taking part as a Gun, beater or picker-up.

The adverts also seek to reassure the public that the shooting seasons can take place safely in line with the latest Covid-19 guidance if people follow the ‘Covid Code’.

This series of ads ran throughout the UK in early October, featuring in publications such as the Edinburgh Evening News, Shropshire Star and Western Morning News.

Importantly, we have also targeted publications in urban settings such as Sunderland and Sheffield to ensure our message is relayed to those who many not necessarily be attuned to rural issues.

The newspaper campaign is also supported in many of the titles by a digital advertising campaign, which directs visitors to key information on BASC’s website.


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